We dream, explore, create and craft worlds for you to experience.

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Who are we?

Liveform (PL) and Rollespilsakademiet (DK) are two organisations that work with roleplaying and alternate reality games. We do everything from city games and educational games to big international productions - for example College of Wizardry, which was featured in media worldwide.

We’re a closed-knit group of more than 30 people with many different skills. Some of us are lawyers, photographers or costume designers. Some of us even work with larp professionally. We are bound together by a common vision of changing the world through play.

What do we do?

Pretend play

Larp is about dressing up in elegant costumes and for aa time whitebackgrounding to be someone else. When you larp, you take on the roles of heroes, villains or rogues, and for some hours immerse yourself in fantastic universes and stories.

Learning by doing

Larp is about trying out things you haven't done and learning by playing. Holding a speech, developing leadership skills or lighting a fire - if you can learn how to do it in a game, you can take that skill with you forever.


Larp is about being the main character of your own story. It's about solving problems, figuring out answers and learning how to overcome obstacles.


Larp is about living the story instead of watching it or reading about it.


Larp teaches real skills and gives real experiences even though they're part of a fiction. This can be used both to teach and to entertain.


Larp is about leaving your day-to-day identity behind and becoming a hero for some hours.


Most of all larp is fun and engaging to be a part of.

You watch a movie.
You read a book.
But you play a larp.